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PhysicalOne began transforming clients’ lives back in 2005. Since then, the facility has grown into a state-of-the-art therapy setting. With our welcoming environment, advanced technologies, and friendly staff, you can rely on feeling comfortable, respected, and cared for from the moment you call for your first appointment. 

Start Feeling Good Again!

PhysicalOne’s dedication and experience since 2005 creates holistic, systematic and evidenced-based practices that empower you to regain your optimal function and feel good again!

Home Exercise Program

Evidence-based systematic approach to empower our clients to follow prescribed Home Exercise Program

Latest Hands-On Techniques

Incorporating advanced technologies and hands-on techniques to reduce pain in an effective and holistic manner.

Welcoming Environment and Dedicated Staff

We treat each of our clients with utmost respect and courtesy. We are striving to change people lives with knowledgeable Doctors of Physical Therapy providing you with solutions and easy steps to follow towards recovery.

Our Leadership

A husband, father, and grandfather; an engineer, entrepreneur, and businessman; a healthcare administrator, consultant, speaker, and panelist. Ofer dreamed, conceptualized, operationalized, and brought PhysicalOne to life alongside his family in Plantation, FL.
Elisabeth received her Bachelor's of Science in Exercise Science degree from Florida State University in Tallahassee, FL in 2016, and graduated from Kaiser University as a Physical Therapist Assistant on August 2021. She brings to PhysicalOne a wealth of knowledge and experience working in wellness and fitness-type settings.
At Physical One, Martha is responsible for overseeing the operations and staff to implement a client-centered clinical approach. Martha recently moved to Florida where she plays golf and pickleball in her free time. She continues to enjoy the warm weather and welcome of Florida.

Skip The Referral!

Need to see a physical therapist immediatelyDon’t wait to start feeling good again. Florida is a direct access state. Giving you the power to see us right here in South Florida, without a referral. Enjoy plenty of insurance options and transparent pricing. Save time and costly healthcare expensesToday, it’s all about your wellbeing. Let PhysicalOne’s compassionate team of Doctors create a plan that gets you there.  

Get most of the benefits of physical therapy. From home! PhysicalOne is now offering clients in Florida easy access to treatment right here via our HIPPAsecured platform. Just sign in and you’re ready to follow live 30 to 60-minute therapy protocols. It may be fully reimbursed by private payers and Medicare. And it’s the best alternative to when you can’t make it to our offices. 

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