Physical Therapy Services

Patient receiving physical therapy services at PhysicalOne

Conditions We Treat

At PhysicalOne we offer physical therapy services to treat many different conditions and diseases. No matter the ailment or pain – if we can treat it, our team of doctors will provide our clients with easy access to exceptionally effective care.

Patient being treated at PhisicalOne with physical therapy services

Programs & Specialties

For every condition we treat, PhysicalOne has an answer. Our knowledgeable staff receive diverse training so they can be ready to address your condition(s) and concerns through an easy-to-follow holistic plan of care.

Telehealth physical therapy services


Get most of the benefits of physical therapy. From home! PhysicalOne now offers clients in Florida easy access to treatment remotely via our HIPPA-secured platform. Just sign in and follow our live 30-minute therapy protocols.

Medical Fitness and Wellness

Medical Fitness and Wellness

The Physical Therapy team at PhysicalOne™ has joined forces with top notch personal trainers to provide you with a full, hands-on professional fitness experience for those looking to achieve clinical, general, or athletic fitness.