Telehealth FAQs

Think of it as physical therapy that comes to you. You can now connect at home with your doctor and receive treatment through online audio and video. It’s covered by Medicare and private payers, too! So you don’t have to worry about an additional expense. 

You’ll see most of the same exercises, treatments, and interventions you would normally see in our facility. Of course, it won’t include manual, hands-on treatments. But we can still identify the reason for treatment and create an effective plan that works for you. You’ll receive expert guidance through every 30-minute session and the opportunity to ask any important questions you may have. 

What’s better than having your physical therapist assess, guide, and instruct you where you spend most your time? This is why some clients are actually more likely to stick to telehealth sessions. Some even see better results because it’s easier to be consistent and on time for every session!  

It’s definitely possible with an integrated home-treatment plan from your PhysicalOne physical therapist. With the online sessions, you can learn how to reduce the risk of deterioration and improve your symptoms. 

At least 6’ x 4’ of clear floor space is all you need. You can do most exercises using just your body weight. Or we can get creative using common household items once you’ve mastered the initial exercises. 

Any device equipped with a microphone and camera that can connect to the internet via Google Chrome or Firefox. This includes smartphones, tablets, and laptops/desktops. When it’s time for your appointment, all you need to do is click or tap on the link sent via email or text.   

No app downloading necessary! Just click or tap the link in the email or text we send you, and the session will automatically start on your browser. 

For most insurance carriers: $0! 

Many of them cover your sessions, and your cost (copay/coinsurance) is the same as an in-person visit. But be sure to call us at 954-758-7711 or click on the REQUEST AN APPOINTMENT below and we’ll verify your benefits and pricing.  

Interested in self-pay? Pricing is simple, transparent, and straightforward. 

30-minute session: $50 
60-minute session: $100 

Telehealth isn’t going anywhere soon! The flexibility is invaluable. Especially when clients lead busy lives, travel often, or can’t come in person.  

Want to visit and schedule your telehealth sessions with us in person? You can count on us to go above and beyond CDC guidelines to ensure your safety.