Our Vision, Mission and Core Values

We understand that our leadership in physical therapy in our community is achieved by following our gold standard - understanding our customers’ goals and using them as motivators to success.

Our Vision

PhysicalOne’s vision is to always implement a client-centered clinical approach for our clients. By anticipating our clients’ needs, our team is always ready to treat them in a friendly, courteous, and professional manner. Our approach creates an environment that fosters mentorship and empowerment; one that helps to find solutions to clinical conditions and meet emotional goals to Feeling Good Again!

Our External Mission

PhysicalOne aspires to touch our clients’ lives by delivering solutions that maximizes the ability to regain lost functional mobility, and minimize the needs for invasive pain management interventions.

Our Internal Mission

Our drive to be the best begins with providing our team members with the knowledge and tools necessary to empower resourcefulness and happy problem-solving in each other, no matter the situation.

Our Core Values

At PhysicalOne, we practice with:

  • Safety and efficiency:
    for a service that goes beyond the call of duty to exceed expectations in creating a safe environment.
  • Integrity and honesty:
    for a session that always feels like you’re in the right hands.
  • Courtesy and professionalism:
    for a session that is all about your wellbeing and nothing else.
  • Compassion and fun:
    for a day that ends better than it started and for our clients who wish to achieve their goals and milestones on their roadmap to recovery.
  • Mindfulness and collaboration:
    for an experience that places you and your clinician in the moment.
  • Positive attitude:
    for happy problem-solving, and holistic results across mind and body.