Cardiac Rehabilitation Program

Cardiac Rehabilitation

PhysicalOne’s Doctors of Physical Therapy provide a supervised cardiac rehabilitation exercise program to promote cardiac health and restore safe functional mobility for those clients who have experienced heart attack, heart failure, angioplasty, or heart surgery.

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Strength & Conditioning Program

Strength and Conditioning Program

For athletes and non-athletes alike, PhysicalOne is offering a high quality medical fitness program for you to improve injury prevention, lifestyle/habit changes for weight loss, flexibility, advanced balance training, core strength, and cardiovascular health.

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LSVT BIG Parkinson’s Rehabilitation Specialty

LSVT Parkinson Rehabilitation

LSVT BIG involves intensive exercising of high-amplitude movements to overcome bradykinesia and hypokinesia in clients with Parkinson disease and explores possible benefits of LSVT BIG training on gait, balance, bed mobility, safety, and fall prevention.