Programs We Offer

The neck and back program is specifically designed to assist patients who suffer from acute or chronic pain in the neck or back. The program aims at helping patients to return to the highest attainable level of, mobility, function, and independence. This three-phase program focuses initially on reduction of acute pain and then gradually transitions to recovery and prevention. The program utilizes personalized exercise routines to improve range of motion, muscle strength, endurance, flexibility, and mobility. It also employs customized pain management routines to help mitigate pain and leverages personalized techniques for the prevention of neck or back injury during daily-living activity.

Our pain management program is crafted to help patients who experience deterioration of quality of life due to persistent pain. The program deploys personalized pain management plans to improve mobility, better physical functionality, and to increase ability to conduct activities of daily living. The plans include, in part, identification of causes of pain, reduction of acute pain, and gradual transition to recovery and prevention. The plans also include exercises to relieve pain and improve flexibility and strength, modalities like electrical stimulation and ultrasound, and personalized techniques to minimize pain during daily activities.

Patients who experienced joint replacement find our joint replacement program effective in promoting and accelerating recovery. The program is intended to optimize the pace of resumption of activities of daily living, regaining of independence, and community re-entry. The program offers customized exercise routines and treatment regimens to reduce pain, develop functional endurance, improve balance and body mechanics, and increase strength and range of motion of the replaced joint. The program provides guidance and take-home exercise suggestions for maintaining mobility of the replaced joint.

Dizziness, vertigo, spinning, and off-balance sensation are effectively treated by our balance and vestibular program. The program is focused on reducing the risk of falls, injury, hospitalization, surgery and disability as a result of loss of balance while maintaining an active and fulfilling lifestyle. The personalized treatment plans typically include Vestibular (inner ear) therapy, balance training, specialized therapeutic exercises, fall prevention coaching, and guidance on home safety practices.

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